The Basics

What the outdoor retailer offers is personal expertise which is something the web cannot deliver. In a world awash with product and competing claims, the informed sales person comes into his or her own. On these pages and in concert with individual sponsors we offer a series of bullet point guides to the basics of the key outdoor product categories. Our aim is to provide inexperienced sales staff a guide to what to remember and for more experienced ones a reminder of things they might have forgotten. The Basics has been produced so as to make it simple to download – in most cases each takes up no more than single sheet of paper.

The Basics of Selling First Aid Gear

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 Bites and scratches

The hotter it gets the more biting bugs there are and what’s more the greater the risk that an insect bite or a cut will become infected. A little gentle probing about a customer’s holiday plans should easily reveal where they are setting off to. Most of the leading brands in this market offer good levels of advice and guidance on the precautions and products needed in the relevant part of the world. So take a few minutes to check out their websites. 

Know your kit

Medical kits and First Aid kits are different things. There is no absolute rule of course, but generally the treatments and tools found in a medical kit are of a more substantial nature, as might be used by participants in a serious expedition. Don’t overspecify. Some medical kits require the user to have advanced knowledge. For the most part, and especially for buyers such as first time campers, a standard first aid package should be adequate. And just for good measure always suggest advise buyers to read the instructions.

Feet first

If boots fit well, then blisters are rarely a problem, but things are sometimes not as they should be, so always advise customers setting out to do some serious walking to think feet first. And it’s not just blisters either. Hard skin and corns can quickly become unbearably painful. 

Binding agreement

Sprain a joint in the wrong place and being three miles from where the car is parked might just as well be thirty. A halfway decent first aid kit will include a bandage good enough to bind and support a sore joint sufficient enough to keep it going.  

Prevention first

The jury is still out on whether or not insect repellents work that well, but there’s no doubt that the little blighters and especially mosquitoes have their likes and dislikes and of course whether Deet or Deet free, citronella based or other, there is ready market for consumers who swear by their choice. This is one of those areas where the customer will accept the fact that to have too much is way better than having too little.

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