The Basics

What the outdoor retailer offers is personal expertise which is something the web cannot deliver. In a world awash with product and competing claims, the informed sales person comes into his or her own. On these pages and in concert with individual sponsors we offer a series of bullet point guides to the basics of the key outdoor product categories. Our aim is to provide inexperienced sales staff a guide to what to remember and for more experienced ones a reminder of things they might have forgotten. The Basics has been produced so as to make it simple to download – in most cases each takes up no more than single sheet of paper.

The Basics of Selling Kids Clothing

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Children’s clothing may be the only market where the buyers may be drawn from across the generations and because of that what appeals in terms of styles and colourways varies much more than in other age related sectors. Getting kids outdoor clothing right means stocking a good breadth and choice of product to appeal to kids, their parents and even their grandparents.

Hard Sell/Soft Sell

With children’s clothing you have two groups to please – the child and the person who is paying. Parents should get the “hard sell” meaning that the key features to focus on are practicalities - the durability of the clothing, the fact that it is easy to maintain. Kids get the “soft sell”, pointing out the fun features and choice of colours. (A bit like a Disney movie which always appeals to both kids & parents but on different levels)

Buy Smart

Bold, on trend colours and patterns are often those that attract in the first instance but  make sure you stock a range of neutrals as well– red or charcoal are great staples.  If mum (or dad) is parting with relatively large amount for a good piece of kit, there’s every chance they are already thinking of its hand-me down potential. There will however always be a market for girls who like pink & boys who prefer blue! Grandparents on the other hand are often willing to spend a little more for that something special. 

Be welcoming and….

If possible set aside some space for kids - if you have your own children you will know what appeals to them already. A few fun graphics can make all the difference as well as a drawing or lego table if there’s room.  If you can nominate someone the kids’ gear specialist in store, so much the better.


…engage with them

Talk to the child as well as the parent, find out names, what they like to do and make sure they know who you are – you don’t have to be over the top about it –  just tell them to come back and tell you where they’ve been in that new waterproof. Kids have great memories for this kind of thing and will love the idea. Make the most of social media too, a great way to let customers know about your service and better still for them to blog, Facebook or Tweet about it!

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